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  • Western Star - Financing

    Whether your business is on the highway or off, we offer flexible commercial truck financing that's as unique as your business.

  • Western Star - Powertrain

    Give your X-Series truck the power and dependability provided by Detroit enhanced engine options.

  • Western Star Dealers | Western Star

    Find your nearest Western Star dealer and discover the quality, durability and reliability of our lineup of X-Series trucks. Visit your closest dealer today!

  • Western Star Parts & Service | Western Star Trucks

    When you visit a Western Star dealer, your repairs will be done right and quickly using high-quality, brand name parts. Visit your nearest Western Star dealer today!

    • Elite Support | Western Star

      Elite Support certified dealers deliver unmatched customer service and efficiency every time a truck comes in for maintenance or repair.

    • Excelerator | Western Star

      Excelerator is the ultimate e-commerce solution for all your truck part needs. Register with your local Western Star dealer to experience Excelerator today!

    • Inner Circle Rewards | Western Star

      Inner Circle Rewards is free to join and rewards members with automatic discounts on fast-moving parts when shopping online through Excelerator Parts.

    • Technical Resource Guide

      Check out our Technical Resource Guide for all technical details regarding all of our X-Series models.

    • Truck Services | Western Star

      Western Star offers superior truck services. When you visit one of our dealers your repairs will be done properly and quickly using high-quality parts.

  • X-Series Trucks | Class 8 Trucks | Western Star

    The X-Series trucks break new ground in safety, technology and versatility for dump trucks, mixers and more. Contact your local Western Star dealer to learn more!

    • Western Star 4900 -- Dependability never goes out of style.

      The Western Star 4900 not only delivers classic looks, it delivers legendary performance. Whether on the highway or in remote forests or mines, you can count on the 4900 day in and day out. And with our ability to deliver purpose-built trucks, a short talk with your dealer is the first step to getting the one you need. Guess customer service never goes out of style either.

    • Western Star Trucks 47X

      The Western Star 47X is the tough truck for the modern age, built to deliver dependability and safety for construction, logging, and haul operations.

      • Western Star Trucks 47X Chassis

        The Western Star 47X features a vocational frame engineered for severe service applications like construction, logging and heavy haul trucking.

      • Western Star Trucks 47X Cab

        Constructed with a premium-grade aluminum and enhanced with steel reinforcements, the new X-Series cab was designed to meets all demanding requirements.

      • Western Star Trucks 47X Powertrain

        Engineered for greater reliability than ever before, the 47X Powertrain offers new vocational power ratings to meet the demands of any application.

    • Western Star Trucks 57X

      The 57X is the newest member of the Western Star X-Series family and the most advanced and driver-focused highway truck we've ever built.

      • Western Star Trucks 57X Cab

        The 57X features a completely redesigned and upgraded drivers lounge that is customizable to meet the needs of every driver.