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Western Star Extended Coverage


Extended Service Coverage helps protect your most important business asset: your bottom line. With your choice of options, Extended Service Coverage helps you control up-front costs and manage unexpected repair occurrences at today's pricing. After reviewing the Base Warranty Coverage on your truck purchase, strongly consider one of our coverage packages that best fits your needs and application for protection on engine systems and components.

Multiple time and distances are available for up to 6 years/ 600,000 miles for on-highway, or 7 years/ 400,000 miles for vocational applications. Whether you need engine service tomorrow or major repairs in three years, Extended Service Coverage for your truck's engine helps protect your most important investment.

Extended Coverage for your Detroit components are also available for the DT12 transmission, DT12 clutch, Detroit axles, and used Detroit engines.

Are you interested in longer extended coverage for your engine? Detroit Extended Next can be added to your active Extended Detroit Engine Coverage to keep your investment protected even longer.

Do you have a DD13, DD15, or DD16 without a warranty or an expired Extended Coverage? Detroit OE Advantage may be for you.


Throughout every year of truck ownership, operational and repair costs can be expected to increase significantly. Extended Service Coverage for your Western Star truck chassis helps mitigate the risk of unplanned expenditures for related components. Repair and labor costs are controlled when you're covered, a substantial benefit unavailable outside our network.

After your Base Warranty ends, you will be able to count on Western Star Extended Service Coverage to control your out of pocket repair costs making your business expenses more predictable.

Are you interested in longer extended coverage for your Western Star truck? Extended NEXT Truck Chassis coverage can be added to your active Truck Coverage package to protect your investment longer.

For more details about how Extended Coverage can benefit you, please contact your Western Star dealer.